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Type 2 Socket with cabling and Actuator


Type 2 Charging Socket with 60cm cables and locking actuator.



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Charging socket max 3x32A (22kW) including locking actuator and 60cm cabling .

The charging socket has screw terminals and comes with 6mm2 wires for the Phases, Neutral and PE connections.
the CP and PP wiring is also fitted.

The locking actuator can be screwed on to the charging socket, and will lock the charging cable into the socket while charging.
the attached cable can be directly connected to the SmartEVSE.

The delivery consists of :
- Charging socket (IP54) (flat) with 60cm cables (5x6mm2, 2x 0.75mm2)
- Locking actuator (DSIEC-ELM) with manual override.


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