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Smart EVSE v2.2 controller


Smart charge controller for electric vehicles

The Smart EVSE can dynamically adjust the maximum power the Electric Vehicle will charge with. It supports a charging socket with locking actuator, or fixed charge cable. Up to eight SmartEVSE's can be connected together to allow for load balancing between charging stations.

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The SmartEVSE v2 manual can be downloaded here: manual 


  • Fits into a standard DIN rail enclosure.
  • Measures the current consumption of other appliances, and automatically lowers or increases the charging current to the EV. (sensorbox required
  • The load balancing feature let's you connect up to 8 SmartEVSE's to one mains supply.
  • Switched 230VAC output, for contactor/relay.
  • Powered RS485 communication bus for sensorbox.
  • Can be used with fixed cable, or socket and charging cable.
  • Automatically selects current capacity of the connected cable (13/16/32/63A)
  • Locking actuator support, locks the charging cable in the socket, automatically unlocks on a power failure.
  • Buildt in temperature sensor.
  • Charge indicator with support for a 12V LED (not included).
  • External input to Enable/Disable SmartEVSE with a switch.
  • All module parameters can be configured using the display and buttons.
  • Setup can also be done through serial CLI.
  • Firmware upgradable.
  • The controller operates at a mains voltage from 110-240VAC
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):  52 x 91 x 58 mm (width: 3 DIN modules)


 This is only the controller, in order to build a EVSE you will also need:

  • A contactor/relais which switches on/off the mains power to the EV. For three phase systems this should be a 4 pole contactor with a coil rated for 230Vac, and rated for the maximum current the EV will charge with. 
  • EV (type 2) socket, with 12V activated lock. When you plug in the charging cable, the Smart EVSE will lock the cable in place. If somehow the power to the Smart EVSE module is lost, the charging cable will automatically be unlocked from the socket.
  • Enclosure with DIN rail, for mounting the controller and contactor.
  • FTDI serial cable for upgrading the firmware of the module (optional).
  • When using Smart mode, the Smart EVSE module needs to be connected to the Sensorbox, the connection between the Smart EVSE controller and Sensorbox is RS485 with power (12V) (4 wires in total). The Sensorbox is powered from the Smart EVSE controller.
  • In order to measure the current of other appliances, CT's (current transformers) are used, which clamp on the MAINS wires directly after they enter the building. Usually three are used, one for each phase. They connect to the Sensorbox. 


This evaluation kit is intended for use for ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT, DEMONSTRATION, OR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY and is not considered by Stegen Electronics to be a finished end-product fit for general consumer use. Persons handling the product(s) must have electronics training and observe good engineering practice standards. As such, the goods being provided are not intended to be complete in terms of required design-, marketing-, and/or manufacturing-related protective considerations, including product safety and environmental measures typically found in end products that incorporate such semiconductor components or circuit boards. This evaluation kit does not fall within the scope of the European Union directives regarding electromagnetic compatibility, restricted substances (RoHS), recycling (WEEE), FCC, CE or UL, and therefore may not meet the technical requirements of these directives or other related directives.


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